COVID-19 Response

To Our Patients, We are excited to announce that we're reopening our doors to both new and established patients on May 11th! While you’ve been social distancing at home, our team has been working hard to ensure the long-term safety of our patients and staff members! Here are some of the changes we’ve made to protect your family’s health: [service title="PRE-SCREENING OF ALL STAFF AND PATIENTS" icon="icon: thermometer-3" icon_color="#F58867" size="40"]Prior to entering the facility, everyone will be prescreened with a no-touch thermometer.[/service] [service title="CLOSED WAITING AREA" icon="icon: car" icon_color="#F58867" size="40"]Our waiting room area is closed. All patients are asked to wait in their cars after they check-in for their appointment.[/service] [service title="SEQUENCED PATIENT SCHEDULING" icon="icon: calendar-check-o" icon_color="#F58867" size="40"]A limited number of daily appointments that last longer than the typical appointment time. This is to ensure the number of people in the building is limited at any given time.[/service] [service title="LIMITED OFFICE CAPACITY" icon="icon: users" icon_color="#F58867" size="40"]Only the patient will be allowed in the building during their appointment. If the patient is a minor, only one parent or legal guardian is allowed in the building to accompany the patient.[/service] [service title="FACE SHIELDS" icon="icon: heart" icon_color="#F58867" size="40"]To protect our patients from cross-contamination, our staff members will be equipped with face shields.[/service] [service title="SNEEZE GUARDS AT THE FRONT DESK AREA" icon="icon: map-o" icon_color="#F58867" size="40"]We know we're all wearing masks, but an added layer of protection never hurts![/service] [service title="CLEANING AFTER EACH APPOINTMENT" icon="icon: envira" icon_color="#F58867" size="40"]We will be using an aerosol disinfectant spray to sanitize each room after use and strictly adhering to the CDC's recommended sanitation guidelines.[/service] [service title="PRE-PROCEDURAL ANTI-MICROBIAL RINSE" icon="icon: shower" icon_color="#F58867" size="40"]Each patient will be asked to "swish" with an anti-microbial rinse prior to their procedure to kill any harmful bacteria.[/service] [service title="NO HANDSHAKES OR HUGS" icon="icon: handshake-o" icon_color="#F58867" size="40"]We love our patients, but for now we'll stick to waving hello and goodbye![/service] [service title="EVENING DEEP CLEANING" icon="icon: trash-o" icon_color="#F58867" size="40"]We've heightened all of our cleaning protocols and ensuring that the offices are scrubbed top to bottom at the end of each business day.[/service] [service title="KN95 & ASTM LEVEL 3 MASKS" icon="icon: plus-square" icon_color="#F58867" size="40"]All of our dentists, hygienists, and assistants will be smiling behind their KN95 and ASTM Level 3 masks at all times.[/service] [service title="VIRTUAL CONSULTATIONS" icon="icon: video-camera" icon_color="#F58867" size="40"]We're also offering Virtual Dental Consultations if you're not immediately comfortable with coming to the office.[/service] [service title="NO MAGAZINES, ACTIVITIES, KIDS PLAY AREA, OR ACCESS TO THE BEVERAGE STATION" icon="icon: window-close" icon_color="#F58867" size="40"]We're sorry to take away the fun in the reception area, but we want to ensure your safety no matter where you are in the office![/service] Call us today to schedule your dental appointment. O2 Dental Group is ready to take care of you and your family once again. Thank you for trusting us with your smile! Sincerely, O2 Dental Group