Pediatric Dentistry in Fayetteville NC

Are you looking for pediatric dentistry services in Fayetteville? Consider O2 Dental Group, your local family dentist in Fayetteville. Our practice location has been serving families and providing pediatric dentistry services in the area for over four decades, with many 2nd and 3rd generation patients visiting us on a routine basis. Our family-centered practice delivers gentle, friendly pediatric dental services to children of all ages and needs. Some examples of the pediatric dentistry options that we provide include:

Teeth Cleanings and Dental Checkups

Routine checkups allow us to screen for bite irregularities, cavities, and encourage proper oral hygiene. We will gently clean your child’s teeth and apply fluoride to encourage strong tooth development.

Diagnostic X-Rays

Low-radiation digital x-rays allow us to pinpoint cavities or developmental concerns that aren’t visible during an exam. Assessing problems as early as possible can promote healthy smiles well into adulthood.

Protective Dental Sealants

Block cavity-causing bacteria and make it easier to clean your child’s smile with protective dental sealants. The thin layer takes just a few minutes to apply, and it doesn’t hurt a bit! Sealants are perfect for newly-erupted permanent molars that come in around the ages of 6 and 12.

Minimally Invasive Teeth Fillings

White fillings are aesthetically pleasing, but they also require far less tooth alteration to place. This allows us to preserve as much of your child’s tooth as possible.

Crowns and Pulpotomies (Nerve Therapy)

If a baby tooth is too badly decayed to fill, we need to make every effort to preserve it so that it does not fall out until the developmentally appropriate time. Otherwise, the entire bite can be altered. Abscesses or severe cavities are best managed through nerve therapy and a temporary crown. At O2 Dental Group of Fayetteville, we make every effort to arrange you and your children’s visits at the same time. Our spacious facility makes it easy to bring the stroller and accompany your child during his or her appointment. We make dental care a family affair. Call us today to schedule! Dental anxiety can be hard to overcome. We provide sedation dentistry solutions, including nitrous oxide, to help during all phases of treatment.