Special Offers

We are pleased to extend the below special offers to our patients. Please note, some conditions may apply. If you have any questions about these offers, feel free to contact our office and we will be happy to assist you!


Kids Dental Appointment

We're always accepting new patient appointments and want to make it easy for your child to enjoy a healthy smile for life! If your child is age 12 or younger, they can receive their complete dental checkup for just $79! Your child's appointment will include a dental exam, teeth cleaning, and x-ray.

*For new & non-insured patients only.  Limited time offer. 


Emergency Exam and X-ray

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Are you experiencing tooth pain? Dental emergencies can't wait! If you have tooth pain, come in today for $69 emergency exam and X-ray so we can start discussing treatment options with you.

*For new & non-insured patients only.  Limited time offer. 


New Patient Special

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A $399 value! This is a one time offer for new patients only. Patients with insurance benefits are not eligible for this offer. Exam, consultation, x-rays, and cleaning* For only $129! Call (910) 446-9027 to reserve your appointment today!

*For new & non-insured patients only.  Limited time offer. 

*Qualifying patients only ages 13+. Not valid with the presence of gum disease. Qualification is determined after exam and x-rays and does not apply to patients with periodontal or gum disease. Patients that do not qualify will pay $69 for exam and x-rays.


Loyalty Dental Appointment

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If you like us (and we know you will!), come back and see us after your first dental visit and qualify for the $129 Loyalty Dental Appointment for existing patients.

Your Loyalty Dental Appointment will include a regular dental checkup, cleaning, and x-rays.

Qualifying patients only ages 3+ older.

Not valid with the presence of gum disease. Qualification is determined after exam and x-rays. 

Offer only available for returning patients who do not have dental insurance.