Sedation Dentistry in Fayetteville NC

It’s not uncommon for people to visit our dentist in Fayetteville, NC and tell us how scared they are of having dental work. We don’t take it personally, it’s just that many people have a history of uncomfortable experiences or sensitive teeth that make it difficult to relax for their procedure. That’s why we offer safe and comfortable sedation options to help calm your anxiety. Depending on the extent of your needs and the type of treatment you’ll be having done, you can select between oral conscious sedation or nitrous oxide. Both are appropriate options for all ages, and allow you to:
  • Endure longer or more complex procedures
  • Calm your mind, so that you don’t have to be scared
  • Give you the chance to “nap” throughout the entire procedure
  • Sit for a longer period of time
  • Tune out everything going on around you
  • Reduce sensitivity or pain
At O2 Dental Group of Fayetteville, you can choose between one of the three types of sedatives:

Deep Sedation & General Anesthesia for Adults & Children

Do you have extreme dental anxiety, special healthcare needs, or are you about to undergo a lengthy procedure? Deep sedation or general anesthesia is for you. This type of sedation is designed to put patients into a comfortable sleep to help promote a more productive and relaxing time in the dentist's chair.

Before your procedure, our anesthesiologist will review your health history to determine the best level of sedation for you. They will be right alongside you before, during, and after the procedure to monitor your progress!

Oral Conscious Sedation

We will prescribe a medication to take about an hour before your procedure. Although you will still be awake, you will feel like you’re taking a light nap. However, you’ll still be able to respond to simple instructions or questions. The medication wears off after just a few hours.

Laughing Gas

Laughing gas is an inhaled gas that makes you feel tingly and lessens your sensitivity to pain. It takes just a few minutes to start working and reverses just as quickly once it’s turned off. If you’ve been putting off any type of dental treatment because you’re worried about the way it will feel, then sedation may be an excellent way to overcome your fear! Treating your smile sooner will reduce the extent of restoration necessary and keep the cost of your procedure lower over the course of time. Call us today for more information. We offer same-day emergency and after-hours assistance options to anyone looking for an emergency dentist in Fayetteville.