Introducing Invisalign® Clear Aligners

lnvisalign® clear aligners use the most advanced technology to give you your best smile yet. Using a series of aligners made with advances, such as proprietary SmartTrack® material, lnvisalign treatment can straighten your teeth with more predictability.

Plus, your smile is shaped more comfortably than with braces.

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The Treatment

Your O2 Dental Group Doctor will complete a unique digital treatment plan that plots the precise path to your new smile, giving you a preview of your future self.

The Aligners

Your aligners are made of Invisalign’s SmartTrack material for better fit, comfort and predictability.

The Transformation

As you process, your teeth move through a series of expertly designed shifts.

The Price

$3999 for Comprehensive Invisalign. No Hidden Fees.

Before and After Invisalign

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