Braces and Orthodontics

Are you or your child in need of dental braces? You don’t have to go to an outside orthodontist to get the care that you need! At O2 Dental Group, our dentists provide a range of cutting-edge family orthodontic services from traditional metal braces to invisible aligners.  

During your orthodontic evaluation, our doctors will inspect the teeth and gums, as well as the bones and muscles in the mouth. This simple, painless step allows us to design teeth straightening plans that yield straighter, healthier, and more beautiful smiles.

O2 Dental Group offers several different types of dental braces and orthodontic treatment options, including:

Invisalign Clear Braces

orthodontics durham, ncAt O2 Dental Group, we can give you a straighter smile with discreet, nearly invisible Invisalign® clear braces! As an Invisalign provider, we are here to give you or your teen a straight, uniform smile, without the use of traditional metal brackets and wires.

Traditional Metal Braces

Suffer from crooked teeth, crowded teeth, jaw problems, or a misaligned bite? Traditional metal braces could be the best orthodontic treatment for you or your child. Long gone are the days of poking wires and bulky metal brackets. Today’s metal braces are sleek, customizable, and built for comfort!

Retainers & Post-Orthodontic Treatment

braces durham, ncAt O2 Dental Group, we offer several different types of retainers, all of which are custom-made to fit both our adult and pediatric patients. Being fitted for and wearing your retainer is a key step to ensuring that your teeth stay straight and your smile stays healthy in the years to come.

Lost your retainer? We can help! Just give our dental offices a call and we’ll get you a replacement as quickly as possible.

Questions About Our Orthodontic Services?

As an O2 Dental Group patient, there’s no need for you to visit a separate orthodontist office. Our skilled team of local dentists is here to design an orthodontic treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Call us today to schedule your or your child’s consultation!

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