Tooth loss and missing teeth are common dental issues way back then that there were a lot of alternatives to replace the missing teeth. Thankfully, modern science together with the help of art and technology came up to an ideal solution for tooth replacement using false teeth or dentures. Dentures have come a long way from ancient do-it-yourself methods for tooth replacement to state-of-the-art natural-looking dentures, all of them have dramatically changed a person’s smile. At O2 Dental Group, we provide tooth replacement options through our Traditional Dentures, Denture Stabilization Implants, and Fixed Dentures to help our patients bring back the beauty of their smile. From the past up until today dentures have been known to enhance both the aesthetics and the dental health of a person, but there are still misconceptions most people believe in and concepts about dentures that some forget about.

Facts about Dentures

Drugs affect the fit and wearability of dentures: Everything that is taken in the mouth affects it, even medication. Certain medications reduce the saliva flow in the mouth which makes it more challenging for a person to chew and to swallow. It is important that the patient has to let the dentist know about whether they are taking medications or not. Dentures do not last a lifetime: As time passes, dentures lose their sheen, effect, and efficiency. That is why it is important that even a person is wearing dentures, they still go and visit a dentist for regular dental checkups to check the dentures and stabilize it for better functionality.  Dentures can wear off due to the looseness that is caused by the changes in the tissue, foul odor because of the absorption of bacteria and fluid, discoloration due to the chemical reactions with the mouth fluids, and deposits of calculus. Soaking the dentures overnight can eliminate germs: Many people often neglect to choose the proper dentures that are right and fits their dental needs. Soaking the denture overnight provides a level of disinfection that quick-fix cleaning methods cannot do. Whatever type of prosthesis it is that a person wears, it is essential to take good care of them and treat them like natural teeth. Cleaning and maintaining the teeth and the prosthesis is a must. Wearing dentures affect the way a person speaks and talks: Although it may take some time for patients to adjust to the new denture fully, the result would give them a better-looking smile, improved function of the teeth, and a complete set of teeth. In the first few weeks of wearing dentures, the wearer may experience discomfort, but it will fade until the tongue, and the mouth learns to adjust to form words. Denture wearers can eat normally: Dentures are artificial tooth replacement for people who have missing teeth. When dentures replace spaces and gaps in between teeth or replace a complete row of teeth, the function of the teeth is improved. Therefore eating all types of food is not a problem unless the dentures are loose. Properly-fitted dentures provide benefits to the denture wearer such as an improved speech, enhanced aesthetics, better dental health and improved teeth function. If you’re wearing dentures now and you’re not entirely comfortable with them, give us a call! We can discuss our Denture Stabilization Service in Wilmington, NC so that your dentures become more comfortable and more useful. At O2 Dental Group, we make sure that our patients get the best possible solutions for their missing teeth.