Out of all the available options for dental restorations, the one preferred by most patients nowadays is dental implants. After knowing that implant restorations come the closest to real teeth, who would ignore this potential? Thanks to the discovery of this appliance, people can now get the second chance that they have always dreamed of for their smiles. Instead of replacing only the visible portion of the teeth, the roots that serve as support are restored as well. Are you feeling hesitant to get dental implants because of some uncertainties? We at O2 Dental Group can help clear things out by providing these facts. Read on!

Interesting Facts about Dental Implants

More stable Compared to the other restorations, dental implants do not require the support of the adjacent structures. Instead, they are surgically placed on the jawbone to mimic the function of the lost roots. Once installed, osseointegration will occur. It is the fusion of the bone and implant post that creates a strong foundation for the teeth replacement. Durable Patients are assured that they will be able to use their implant-restored teeth to their full function. Implants are designed to withstand regular chewing forces; therefore there are no food restrictions. Curious how durable implants are? Know that they are made from the same materials as space shuttles and even guided missiles! No more cavities The good news with implant-restored teeth is that they will no longer get cavities. However, this does not mean that patients should ignore proper oral care practices. The other oral structures like the gums and jaw should still be maintained since they serve as the support for the appliance. To preserve the state of dental implants, oral hygiene and routine visits should be observed. Stronger jaw Lost teeth can cause the jawbone to deteriorate gradually. Over time, patients may notice that jaw strength and structures start to decline. Fortunately, osseointegration has a favorable side effect of strengthening the jawbone by promoting its growth. Mimics real teeth Patients can rest easy because other people will not think of their restorations as unnatural. They would not be able to distinguish the prosthesis since the materials used are decided based on the patient’s remaining structures. If there are no real teeth left, the full dentures used are custom-created to appear as natural as possible. Easy maintenance Traditional dentures are quite tricky to maintain since they need to be removed and soaked. With dental implants, cleaning the appliance comes naturally. Patients do not need to use any special creams or solutions. Normal brushing, flossing, and rinsing habits would suffice. Have you made up your mind to have your lost teeth restored with Dental Implants in Wilmington, NC? We at O2 Dental Group got your back! Call or visit us if you have any questions and to book an appointment. We are located at 7150 Market St., #130, Wilmington, NC 28411.