Do you want to have whiter and stronger teeth? How about a fresher breath and a healthy mouth? Bet you want to give it a try. Whiter and stronger teeth keep your smile naturally beautiful while a more refreshing and good breath keeps you confident in having a close and intimate conversation without worrying about how your breath smells. O2 Dental Group offers complete and regular checkups that will monitor the state and health of your mouth and its parts. Regular dental checkups allow you to maintain your oral health or prevent any oral issues diagnosed by our professional set of dentists.

Regular check up services we offer at O2 Dental Group:

  • Dental Examination
A Dental Examination involves a massive and extensive way of checking your mouth,  teeth, gums and your overall facial structures done by a professional dentist of O2 Dental Group. We use digital X rays to make sure that every single detail and issues concerning your oral health are detected. Digital X rays compared to ordinary X rays are more accurate and can provide a more detailed image that gives an easy and accurate diagnosis. It also allows us to detect dental problems that cannot be seen by human eyes. After the dental examination, the result does not require film development but can be automatically viewed on a screen giving you less time spent waiting for the result.
  • Professional Teeth Cleanings
Teeth Cleanings done by a professional dentist is very important in maintaining your oral hygiene and in keeping it healthy. Once every six months a dental cleaning must be done, it allows your mouth to be free from any oral issues that might cause damage teeth or harmful bacterias that cannot be taken away by simple brushing and flossing.
  • Oral Cancer Screening
It is an oral examination done to detect the state of your oral health allowing us to diagnose possible Oral cancer signs, abnormalities in your oral health, and the overall condition of your mouth. The screening involves detection of the possible occurrences of dangerous oral diseases and provides treatment if found positive. Will you wait for something bad to happen in your oral health before considering a regular check-up or will you prevent any complications and maintain your oral health by having a regular check-up at our dental clinic? Financially speaking, prevention is cheaper than cure, with lesser time consumption and an oral issue-free life. Choose wisely! You deserve outstanding dental care services. We provide Regular Dental Checkups in Wilmington, NC. Book your appointment with us at O2 Dental Group and let us help you achieve a beautiful and a healthy teeth!