Millions of people every year are availing of a root canal treatment. Well, who wouldn’t consider a procedure that helps save an infected tooth from being extracted, right? For those who have not heard about the said procedure, read on below. The root canal is actually a part of the tooth which holds the pulp, but it is also the term used to describe the treatment performed where the deceased tissues are removed. Although the procedure is often misunderstood, know that it is not as painful or scary as most people think. Root canal therapy aims to save a tooth from further damage and also strengthen it to serve its purpose continuously. If you happen to suffer from a toothache that seems to come and go, especially when biting down on food, this may indicate the need for a root canal treatment. To help patients perform the right aftercare, here are some tips we at O2 Dental Group have prepared.

Do’s for a Successful Root Canal Aftercare

Consume soft foods After the procedure, patients are advised to avoid crunchy and hard foods and consume only the soft ones. It is to make sure that the temporary fillings placed will not be damaged. Try to be extra careful since this temporary placement protects the teeth until a permanent filling is placed. Get a Crown The procedure gets rid of the deceased tissues inside a tooth to avoid damaging the surrounding structures. That means, after the process, the hollowed-out tooth becomes weaker. To support this structure and restore its functions, the patient who underwent a root canal is advised to consider a dental crown. Brush gently Patients are, of course, advised to keep a good oral hygiene practice after the procedure. However, to avoid any problems, they are instructed to brush and floss gently yet thoroughly. If there are any issues encountered, make sure to address it immediately with the dentist for them to take necessary actions. Reduce stress on the treated tooth While waiting for the placement of the permanent filling, patients are advised to chew on the opposite side of the treatment site as much as possible. Manage discomfort As mentioned above, root canal treatment is not as painful as it was back then. There are even ways to make sure that the patient remains relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure. At home, if the patient experiences inflammation and discomfort, they are advised to take medications to alleviate pain. There is nothing to be afraid of about root canal; rather, people should be thankful for the procedure since it helps them keep excellent oral health by preserving compromised teeth. Aiming to save your teeth from extraction? Contact us to know about Root Canal Treatment in Wilmington, NC, or to schedule your appointment with O2 Dental Group!