Post Operative Instructions


  • You may be numb for several hours. Do not eat while
    you are numb
  • Your tooth may be sensitive to hot, cold or chewing for
    several days or weeks
  • If your bite feels a little unusual after the filling, call our
    office for an adjustment

Crowns, Bridges, & Veneers

  • You may have a temporary. Be careful when cleaning or
  • Avoid sticky, hard or chewy foods with your temporary
  • You may experience some sensitivity and irritation.
  • You may experience throbbing, aching pain for one or
    two days
  • Rinse with warm salt warm water to keep the area clean
  • Take Motrin, Tylenol or Aleve to help with discomfort or
  • When you receive your permanent restoration, it may
    feel awkward for a few days
  • Your time may need time to adjust but it should feel
    natural in less than a week
  • If your bite feels abnormal after a week, please call us for
    an adjustment


  • For the first 48 hours, keep your body hydrated by
    drinking plenty of water
  • Do not use a straw or spit
  • Do not rinse your mouth vigorously
  • Do not smoke for 72 hours
  • After 48 hours, rinse your mouth gently with warm salt
    water for several days
  • Some bleeding, discomfort and pain is to be expected
  • If persistent bleeding occurs, place gauze pads and bite
    down firmly for ½ hour.
  • You may bite on a tea bag (black tea) to control the
  • To decrease swelling, use an ice pack for 15 minute
  • Some bruising is normal
  • You may feel some bone spurts coming out of the
    extraction site or poking through the gums
  • You may combine Tylenol and Motrin to help you control
    the pain
  • If you notice unusual symptoms or uncontrollable pain,
    call our office immediately

Scaling & Root Planing (Deep Cleaning)

  • Your gums will be sore/ irritated for a few days
  • Rinse with warm salt water
  • You may brush and floss,but be very gentle around the
    treated area
  • You may experience swelling or stiffness. Use a cold
    compress on the area if necessary
  • It is okay to take Tylenol and/ or Motrin after your
  • Avoid any hard or chewing foods for 2-3 days after your
  • If you continue to experience pain or swelling after 5
    days, please call us to be scheduled for a follow up visit

Fluoride Treatment

  • You may eat and drink immediately
  • Do not brush or floss tonight, resume in the morning

Denture Delivery

  • You will experience some discomfort for a few days
  • Your denture will need several adjustments before it feels
    comfortable in your mouth
  • Take your dentures out every night and keep them in a
    clean container filled with water or denture cleaning
  • Clean dentures thoroughly with a brush and water before
    putting them back in your mouth
  • It will take time to get used to talking and eating with your
  • Call our office if you’re experiencing pain or discomfort to
    the point you cannot use your denture


  • You may experience some pressure and discomfort on
    your teeth
  • Be careful with braces and avoid chewing hard and/ or
    sticky food
  • Brush and floss around your braces often
  • Use ortho wax to cover any areas that may be irritating
    You may take Tylenol to relieve the discomfort

Implant Surgery

  • You may experience some discomfort and bleeding
  • Take all medications as prescribed
  • Apply ice bag on your face over the surgical site
  • Do not brush near the surgical site
  • You may be numb for several hours
  • Do not smoke, spit , or use a straw
  • Any unusual or severe symptoms, call us right away!