5 Ways Quitting Smoking will Improve Your Oral Health

It’s no secret that smoking cigarettes or using tobacco products has a negative impact on your health. However, there are also a number of oral health repercussions that many smokers are not aware of! If you’re looking for a little extra motivation to quit smoking, consider the following five reasons that quitting will improve your oral health.

Your breath will smell great!

By quitting smoking, you can decrease the amount of bad bacteria on your palate and improve your breath.

It will Improve the appearance of your teeth.

The chemicals in cigarettes smoke, particularly nicotine and tar, cause stains on your dental enamel. By quitting, you will be able to regain your beautiful white smile.

It will lessen your risk for cavities.

Smoking creates an environment in which plaque and tartar flourish. The bacteria in plaque excretes harmful acids and wear down your dental enamel over time. This is one of the many reasons that quitting smoking improves the health and strength of your teeth.

Quitting will save your taste buds and money!

Smoking slowly dulls your sense of taste, making food less enjoyable! Therefore, it is important to quit sooner rather than later!

You will lessen your risk for periodontal disease.

Smoking is one of the strongest indicators of your risk for periodontal (gum) disease. This is because smoking weakens your immune system and creates an environment that favors harmful bacteria in your mouth. This bacterial infection is known as gingivitis, the earliest state of gum disease. If left untreated, this infection can worsen to ultimately become periodontal disease, which can have serious repercussions on your overall health including tooth loss, respiratory. illness, heart disease, stroke and more.

If you’re a smoker, it is important to visit us at O2 Dental Group regularly to ensure your teeth and gums remain in good shape. To improve your oral health and help prevent gum disease, decay and more, schedule an appointment today!

Quitting Tips

  1. Know “why” you want to quit
  2. Don’t go cold turkey
  3. Consult your family physician
  4. Try nicotine-replacement therapy
  5. Don’t go it alone
  6. Manage stress
  7. Avoid alcohol, other triggers
  8. Clean house
  9. Try and try again
  10. Get moving “exercise”

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